Industrial RJ45 connector applications


In the development of modern industry, due to industrial processing procedures will be in the process of serious heat, dust, moisture, corrosive fluids, gas and / or vibration and other mechanical forces, these elements will RJ45 connector cable cable transmission Form a fatal threat. Thus, Bulgin for the above a variety of harsh environments, introduced a series of industrial-grade dedicated RJ45 waterproof adapter: when the convergence of waterproof and dustproof IP68 up to IP68 rating

Suitable Cat 5e connector - Data rate up to 100MHz

PUR cable sheathing - resistant to chemicals and excellent water resistance

Shielding system - high noise immunity and EMI maintenance capabilities

Cat 5e Shielded Coupler - Sticks to shielding

Anti-error plug, maintenance RJ45 connector and prevent the wrong direction

Nut determination - safe to determine the system

Wiring version - to facilitate the use of various terminals

PCB device panel RJ45 adapter adapter

IDC terminal panel RJ45 adapter adapter - simple terminal construction

The panel connector has a ground wire - the housing that connects to the panel device RJ45 adapter

Conforms to RoHS

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