RJ45 with transformer common definition



RJ45 with transformers are generally used for data transmission, the most common application for the network card interface.

RJ45 with a transformer is a variety of different types of joints (for example: RJ11 is also a type of connector, but it is used on the phone); RJ45 with transformer head sorting line is not divided into two, one Green, orange, blue, blue and white, orange, brown white, brown; and thus the use of RJ45 connector, the other is green and white, green, orange, blue, blue and white There are two lines that are: straight lines, interludes.

2 NIC interface

10/100 Base TX RJ45 interface is a commonly used Ethernet interface, support 10 trillion and 100 trillion adaptive network convergence speed, more common RJ45 with two types of transformers: for Ethernet card, router Ethernet interface DTE Type, and DCE types for switches. DTE we can call "data terminal equipment", DCE we can call "data communication equipment". In a sense, a DTE device is called an "automatic communication device" and a DCE device is called a "passive communication device". When two types of the same equipment using RJ45 with transformer convergence communication, it is necessary to use the interlocking line connection.

RJ45 with transformer interface DCE type pin definition

If the two DTE type interface (or DCE type interface) is not connected to the connected pin, then the pin is the data to accept (send) pin, the communication will not be able to proceed.

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